We’re happy to announce the release date for our upcoming album “Giant Dose”, which will be on Friday, May 20. The release show will take place at DasBACH, gladly supported by Go! Go! Gorillo and FREDDIE RED.


BREWTALITY / “Giant Dose” ALBUM RELEASE SHOW / Support: Go! Go! Gorillo & Freddie Red / DasBACH / 20.05.2016

Party, Party, Party!
BREWTALITY releasing their full-length debut “Giant Dose” on May 20, 2016 at DasBACH

BREWTALITY provides expressive and melodic 70ies-style Rock Songs. Music, which hits you straight in your face, serving a taste of ashtrays filled with whiskey and beer, making you ready to hit the stage and party all night long.

Go! Go! Gorillo
.. are the King Kongs of Rock‘n‘Roll! They blend filthy Rock‘n‘Roll, primitive Blues and satanic Surftango into their very own Brutal Boogie. Their first record „King Kongs Of Rock‘n‘Roll“ is as loud, dirty and spectacular as a Go! Go! Gorillo live show and leaves you behind longing for more. Now get in the ring for some party, booze and lots of … what?! Go! Go! Go!

Who the fuck is FREDDIE RED? The whole city of Vienna wants to know the answer to that question. At the same time the whole world of music asks itself what actually defines authentic Rock ́n ́Roll…Tell me: Is it sex? Drugs? Only the music or does a black leather jacket come up to it? It ́s a hard fact these days, where even synthetic stuff is called music, that no one has the sassy right to complain about one band living up to reanimate the good old, wild times with their own style, consciously neglecting current trends.


Doors: 20:00
Bands: 20:30

DasBACH, Bachgasse 21, 1160 Wien

VVK € 10,- / € 17,- (inkl. CD)
AK € 12,- / € 20,- (inkl. CD)

VVK-Tickets bei wienXtra-jugendinfo und ticketgarden.com

proudly presented by Tempel Records

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